Fortify your journey

Having an add-on cover to your motor insurance can immensely help you in ensuring there are no halts in your journey.

One of the perils of driving these days is the possibility of your vehicle malfunctioning and leaving you stranded. Whether you are riding a two-wheeler or a car, these machines can break down anytime for no fault of yours. While a flat tyre or a minor electrical fault can be handled easily, there could be problems which would necessarily need assistance.

Although, on-road car and two-wheeler helplines have been in vogue for some time, insurance cover for such assistance is also available these days.

This add-on cover is a boon for the rainy day, when you have no option but to call for help. Here are some of the benefits:

Towing assistance: Paid towing assistance is given for the motor vehicle if it can’t be repaired on the spot. The crew tows the vehicle to the nearest service centre, your home or the police station as per the need of the situation.

On the spot repair: Minor electrical or mechanical faults which are capable of being repaired on the spot and which doesn’t demand much time are usually taken care by roadside assistance team then and there. Depending on the kind of cover purchased, you get certain number of on the spot services absolutely free.

 Flat tyre service: If you think this additional cover is not worth it because replacing a car tyre is not difficult, think of the situation where two tyres go flat or the stepney is also flat? Roadside assistance covers help in flat repairs.

Emergency fuel delivery: A faulty fuel gauge, bad memory or struggling with an engine consuming fuel more than expectation can halt your ride at a secluded place. The fuel delivered is chargeable over and above the annual cost.

Vehicle Key Service: This primarily arranges an additional key to help you when the car key is lost or you accidentally lock it inside the car.

Cab Services: Add-on covers also provide an extra support by arranging a cab for you to reach your destination when your car breaks down mid-way. The rescue team takes care of your vehicle.

Accommodation: In case of a severe breakdown the assistance cover provider might further help you with an accommodation to stay, if the situation demands. It also arranges for food, water and first aid.

Pick up of vehicle in case of driver disability: Assistance for the insured by picking the vehicle from the location and transport it to the desired location if the driver suffers a disability and cannot continue the journey.

 Shipment of spares: If the insured vehicle needs critical spares to be repaired on the spot, the arrangement is done for the shipment of spare parts to the location of event.



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