Car Insurance

Driving  the new car

Don’t let the festive season celebrations cloud your vision on important aspect of insuring your new car adequately

 We are in the midst of the festive season, which is not just about having a good time but also going berserk on a buying spree because everything seems to be attractively priced or available at a discount you can’t do without. A lot of people plan important purchases to coincide with this auspicious phase, especially when it comes to buying a car or property. To make the car sale attractive, dealers go out of their way to offer attractive discounts and freebies.

However, it becomes important to not let the festive frenzy delay your decision of insuring your new car adequately. Incessant rains can cause considerable trouble to even your car parked outside your house. The flooding caused due to rain can impact not only the interiors, but also damage the car due to falling trees and other such possibilities. While the standard motor insurance which includes third party liability cover is a must as much is the own damage component of motor insurance,  use the opportunity to add-on covers that address risks beyond these two.

Risk proofing the car

 Your new car will be equipped with all the latest technological advancements, but it will still be susceptible to risks such as accidents, which will be covered by the own damage part of your motor insurance. With vehicles being exposed to new form of risks such as engine blockage due to water logging or damage to interiors owing to bad weather, insurers have come up with ways to address these issues, which are outside what a standard motor insurance policy covers. Some aspects that you should know and keep in mind when taking insurance are listed so that your prized wheels are protected against all forms of vagaries.

Return to invoice: The Return to Invoice (RTI) is an add-on option which covers the gap between the insured’s declared value and the invoice value of the car. It’s an option that will fetch you the entire amount of loss that you incur in case of an accident leading to replacement of parts.

Engine protection cover: Automakers mention that it is unwise to crank up the car when it is stuck in water because it can damage the car engine. This add-on cover can be used to cover such instances along with the repairing cost of electrical circuit failure at a nominal additional cost.

Zero depreciation: This additional cover gives you the legal right to claim the complete replacement cost of the parts damaged in case of an accident which the policy covers. This is useful, especially in case of plastic parts. The concept of part replacement over repairs with new age cars means you stand to benefit by adding this cover.

In case you are upgrading your car, make sure that you transfer your existing motor insurance to the new car and claim the no claim bonus that is accumulated with your earlier car. The no claim bonus (NCB) is the discount that you get on the premiums you pay for each year you don’t raise a claim. Use all or a combination of these additions to make your car robust.

Safe Driving

What kind of insurance should someone buying a new car look for?

 When buying a new car, one should opt for a basic motor insurance (own damage + third party), which would compensate for small damages and total loss arising out of accident or vehicle theft. It is prudent to get a comprehensive coverage along with specific  add-ons.

Why should one go for add-on covers?

One should consider buying add-on covers as they provide many benefits and lately, have become an integral part of comprehensive package. Add-on covers, as the name suggests, offer insurance for several damages in addition to  own damage and third-party liability. Depending on vehicle type, each add-on has the potential to save from huge out of pocket expenses. There are many valuable add-on covers like nil deprecation, NCB protect, engine protect,  return to invoice, daily cash, loss  of key or driving license and road side assistance.

Why is zero depreciation important these days?

Zero depreciation add-on, also popularly known as ‘nil dep’, preserves the value of the vehicle without considering any depreciation. It provides complete cover without factoring age of the vehicle or damages that caused depreciation on the value of parts replaced. Such add-ons are important as they provide huge advantages as the possibility of any out-of-pocket expenses is eliminated which you may have had to pay for replacing parts.

How can one cope from vehicle damage due to rain?

Vehicles are susceptible to damages when rain strikes. The basic motor insurance policy can compensate for small damages and total loss due to accidents. But, damages to the engine due to water ingression while driving through accumulated rain waters is covered only when you opt for engine protect cover. If opting for a nil-dep add-on cover, any replacement to essential parts damaged will not attract depreciation.

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